Nerve-Wrecking Glitz and Sub Confuscate

The title above is just a random set of words that appeared in my mind today. I want to write randomly and obsessively. I don’t care about grammar not the thought in what I write. Just write to whenever I want to write and what the fingers in my hand presses. I press random keys in my keyboard, but with words. It’s not really meaningful not meaningless. I don’t try to be condescending, in fact, I just want to be enigmatic. Enigmatic, but not dumb, enigmatic, but sophisticated.

I not good in writing nor in pretending, but I do know how to write and keep words in order. Right now, I want to write about animals. Animals that doesn’t exist nor extinct. Animals that didn’t evolve yet. However, when to mere human beings collide like a super nova, we don’t have a clue nor basic rhythm of the lure word. When everything seems perfect, it’s just and straight when you have what it takes to be it. And it, is nothing that eat and it.

When the world is up side down and no longer rotating, everything just makes no sense.

Playing Poker for a Living

What to expect when the card game is your bread and butter

Pius Heinz, the German poker champion, is famous for being the first German poker player to win the coveted World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet back in 2011. He is one of the many Germans who are fond of the universal card game, and who rakes in cash when opponents at the poker table are outwitted. Heinz did not originally intend to be a professional player; in fact, he studied Business Psychology at a school in Cologne. He got interested in the card game when he watched poker events on TV, and with a few practice sessions with friends, he decided to venture into it full time. His poker skills were fully developed when he played the game online. His online winnings amount to $129,401, and he won a total of $8,895,057 in casino earnings to date.

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Finally, I’ve Switched!

Finally, I decided to switch to a new theme. This theme is not responsive, but it looks great and it’s very neat. This theme is called Blaskan, developed by Per Sandström. This will entice me to blog more often here as my blog seems to be more awesome than ever.

As of today, I’m still in Baden-Württemberg, just like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post. By next week, I’ll be traveling to Bangkok, Thailand. Me and my best friend bought a ticket last year to Bangkok. I don’t know what to do there because it will be my first time there.

Anyway, it will be quite an adventure as my best friend also haven’t been to Bangkok. Maybe we’ll get drunk and have fun, just like the guys did in the movie Hangover 2.

I don’t know what else to say. I just want to keep this post not so long and not so short, that’s why I keep on typing what randomly appears in my mind.

And oh! Have you seen the Dark Knight Rises? It’s an awesome and epic movie. So far, the best super movie I’ve ever seen since the Dark Knight. Hahaha! Christopher Jonathan James Nolan is really good in making films.

Currently in development is another DC comics movie entitled the Man of Steel. I bet this will not be another crap super man film, just like the Superman Returns. In that 2006 film, Superman wears tights, which looks like crap. And everything is an obvious CGI. Damn, that’s one of the crappiest 21st century movies that I’ve ever seen. It’s like it’s a 1950s film, with a CGI.

Right now, I can’t wait for the upcoming Man of Steel movie. Mr. Nolan will never ever disappoint us, for sure.

Still can’t decide to change my theme or stick to this one

Just a while ago, I updated my WordPress blog to the latest version (WordPress 3.4.1). I know, I’m extremely late in updating my online stuff. I’ve been busy traveling, wasting all the time of my life. I’ve been fishing in the Atlantic, mountain climbing in the Himalayas, and practicing my Chinese, in, guess where? Greenland! Yep, I’m kinda weird, I know.

If I’m in China, I’ll learn Mandarin faster, as 99.9% people there speaks Mandarin. So why I’m studying Mandarin in Greenland? I don’t know why. I just find it fascinating.

Anyway, I’m currently in Baden-Württemberg, Germany now. Wandering and wondering what to do next. I just had a dream last night that I have a blog and that made me realize that I really have a blog that I forgot to update.

From now on, everything that I want to write, think, or do, I’ll post it here, so that my blog will start breathing again the this place called the internet.

Right now, I’m choosing a good responsive theme for this WordPress site. I still can’t decide which to use because there are a lot of great responsive themes out there which are all awesome, that’s why I can’t choose which is the most awesome of all awesome themes to use for my blog.

So, the unleash that burden to myself, I decided to stick with this good old theme, for now.

The German Japanese Blogger is back!

Hey guys! I’m back! It has been a while since I last posted in this blog. I’ve been very busy during the past few years managing our family business here in Maharashtra, India. My last post in this blog was last year 2009, about the Davone Rithm.

Oh boy. That was a long long time ago. Good thing I still remembered this blog and my domain hasn’t expired yet. I even guessed my password right and I didn’t even bother to click the “Forgot Password” link in the login page. Whoa! This is amazing! My blog is still alive. From WordPress 2.7, I have successfully upgraded my blog to WordPress 3.2. I encountered a slight error known as “Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction()“. Anyway, thanks to the post made by Bryan Veloso, I was able to fix the error in no time!

Ok so what now? I’ll be blogging more often and I promise to update this blog as often as I can. Maybe I’ll write about my life here in India and I’ll share some cool places to visit here in India. I will also be posting pictures about everything in Maharashtra. This place is just awesome!

I’ll be visiting Germany next month, and Japan on November. I will also drop by Singapore to see the roof top pool in Marina Bay Sands. My work mates went there last February 2011, and I haven’t had a chance to come with them.

Anyway, that’s all that I can share for now. I’ll be updating this blog again soon! Thank to all of you who are still reading this humble blog of mine. Alvida!