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Playing Poker for a Living

What to expect when the card game is your bread and butter

Pius Heinz, the German poker champion, is famous for being the first German poker player to win the coveted World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet back in 2011. He is one of the many Germans who are fond of the universal card game, and who rakes in cash when opponents at the poker table are outwitted. Heinz did not originally intend to be a professional player; in fact, he studied Business Psychology at a school in Cologne. He got interested in the card game when he watched poker events on TV, and with a few practice sessions with friends, he decided to venture into it full time. His poker skills were fully developed when he played the game online. His online winnings amount to $129,401, and he won a total of $8,895,057 in casino earnings to date.

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Definition of TTYN

Are you here because you are looking for TTYN? What is TTYN? What is the meaning of TTYN? What TTYN stands for? If you’re looking for the meaning of TTYN the you’re on right website. I noticed that many people are asking the question, What does TTYN mean?. If you’re asking this question too most probably you watched Paris Hilton’s new BFF. A lot of people around the web was asking for this question after the show: Paris Hilton’s new BFF. To cut the story short, here’s the definition of TTYN.

David Cook Philippines Ticket

David Cook will have a concert in the Philippines this January 27, 2009 and a lot are looking for the David Cook Philippines Concert Ticket just like Isip. I also tried searching for the ticket to help my friend out there in the Philippines, but to no avail. I really do hope someone out there, a ticket dealer perhaps? Who is kind to sell tickets and inform us where to buy more tickets for our friends and love ones. Everyone in the Philippines is so excited to watch this David Cook concert. If I were in the Philippines, I will also be excited because I love David Cook and I’m a solid David Cook fan from the beginning of his career.

California judge rules Sprint’s early termination fees illegal

A judge in California has ruled that Sprint Nextel’s early termination fees are illegal and said the wireless operator should pay back $18.2 million in collected fees to consumers, a decision that could help sway decisions on similar cases throughout the country.


The preliminary decision released earlier this week is a major blow to Sprint and to other phone companies in their battle to defend themselves against angry consumers who say the fees imposed on them when they leave the companies’ services are unlawful.

Verizon Wireless, which was also being sued in California, has already settled its case, agreeing to pay $21 million to settle all claims against the company. And after the decision against Sprint, there’s a chance that cases against T-Mobile and AT&T could also be settled.