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Playing Poker for a Living

What to expect when the card game is your bread and butter

Pius Heinz, the German poker champion, is famous for being the first German poker player to win the coveted World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet back in 2011. He is one of the many Germans who are fond of the universal card game, and who rakes in cash when opponents at the poker table are outwitted. Heinz did not originally intend to be a professional player; in fact, he studied Business Psychology at a school in Cologne. He got interested in the card game when he watched poker events on TV, and with a few practice sessions with friends, he decided to venture into it full time. His poker skills were fully developed when he played the game online. His online winnings amount to $129,401, and he won a total of $8,895,057 in casino earnings to date.

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NDS Lite Games Free Download

Hushburn is giving away his old NDS Lite Games to make way for his new DSi Games. I’m tired of this crap that I’m collecting and soon I will provide you with links to download your favorite NDS Games for free. As of now, just leave a comment and the game that you want to download. I will be sending you an e-mail if I have those games. I have this games bought from Nintendo stores, Amazon and eBay. I’m thinking of selling it, but I will be wasting a lot of time if I sell these Nintendo DS Lite Games. That’s why I will be providing free NDS Lite Games for you to download, or you can just visit me in my home town so that you can claim you free NDS Lite game from me. I also have Wii games, but I will not give these all as of the moment. I’m still enjoying playing with my Nintendo Wii.

Here are some of the NDS Lite games that I have that you can have for free! Or just download it if you’re outside United States. I’m currently residing somewhere in Seattle, so if you’re near me and you want to have this game, then shoot me an e-mail and let’s meet!
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