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Hushburn’s Weekend in Srobowdinisia

Srobowdinisia is a place here in India. It’s an unknown place that’s why a lot people don’t know where the heck is that place or is that place really exist? I love traveling that’s why I’m always on a look-up on new places to visit. Someday, I’m planning to go to Singapore and buy cheap gadgets that I really love. It’s really hard here in Mumbai because all the places that was known here is already visited by me. I’m thinking of something different, something unique, something fresh to my mind! Finally, after thinking for so many hours, I decided to visit Srobowdinisia.

It’s hard to pronounce right? You can even find it in Google if you look for it. If this post is indexed, it’s the only post that shows the place Srobowdinisia. It’s a small town here in Mumbai that nobody knows. Oh, I already said that it’s unknown so why repeat it? Because I don’t know what to say that why I repeated it. If you know where Srobowdinisia is, then come with me and let’s meet there, who knows I’m not the only one who knows about this hidden and enchanted place in India.

So long, I’ll about this blog soon about my experiences during my visit in Srobowdinisia.