Speaker as Art: The Davone Rithm

You never seen anything like it, the Davone Rithm’s swooping curves and daring good looks are a new take on Danish speaker design. The Rithm features an 8-inch coaxial driver with a 1-inch tweeter placed in the center of the woofer.

In the high quality coaxial loudspeaker unit, there is 1” dome tweeter placed in the center of 8” woofer, which creates wide ban d point source and more precise sound stage.The powerful bass performance is an upshot of the nifty cabinet design. The curved loudspeaker panels are built up of many thin layers of wood and the spacing between the layers hold the glue.
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2009 BMW M models get new nav system

Here’s the news about the upcoming 2009 BMW M models get new nav system. Did you know that the word is out that BMW’s updating its high-performance M line of vehicles for the 2009 model year. Featuring a host of external tweaks, such as new taillight designs and exterior mirrors, the most noteworthy updates are the inclusion of the new iDrive across the M line, a competition package is something worthwile to see.

NDS Lite Games Free Download

Hushburn is giving away his old NDS Lite Games to make way for his new DSi Games. I’m tired of this crap that I’m collecting and soon I will provide you with links to download your favorite NDS Games for free. As of now, just leave a comment and the game that you want to download. I will be sending you an e-mail if I have those games. I have this games bought from Nintendo stores, Amazon and eBay. I’m thinking of selling it, but I will be wasting a lot of time if I sell these Nintendo DS Lite Games. That’s why I will be providing free NDS Lite Games for you to download, or you can just visit me in my home town so that you can claim you free NDS Lite game from me. I also have Wii games, but I will not give these all as of the moment. I’m still enjoying playing with my Nintendo Wii.

Here are some of the NDS Lite games that I have that you can have for free! Or just download it if you’re outside United States. I’m currently residing somewhere in Seattle, so if you’re near me and you want to have this game, then shoot me an e-mail and let’s meet!
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Definition of TTYN

Are you here because you are looking for TTYN? What is TTYN? What is the meaning of TTYN? What TTYN stands for? If you’re looking for the meaning of TTYN the you’re on right website. I noticed that many people are asking the question, What does TTYN mean?. If you’re asking this question too most probably you watched Paris Hilton’s new BFF. A lot of people around the web was asking for this question after the show: Paris Hilton’s new BFF. To cut the story short, here’s the definition of TTYN.