Speaker as Art: The Davone Rithm

You never seen anything like it, the Davone Rithm’s swooping curves and daring good looks are a new take on Danish speaker design. The Rithm features an 8-inch coaxial driver with a 1-inch tweeter placed in the center of the woofer.

In the high quality coaxial loudspeaker unit, there is 1” dome tweeter placed in the center of 8” woofer, which creates wide ban d point source and more precise sound stage.The powerful bass performance is an upshot of the nifty cabinet design. The curved loudspeaker panels are built up of many thin layers of wood and the spacing between the layers hold the glue.

The dissipation of energy damps the vibrations. The inimitable marriage between craftsmanship and acoustics becomes apparent with the Rithm loudspeakers. Black oak finish will be available in February 2008.


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