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Nerve-Wrecking Glitz and Sub Confuscate

The title above is just a random set of words that appeared in my mind today. I want to write randomly and obsessively. I don’t care about grammar not the thought in what I write. Just write to whenever I want to write and what the fingers in my hand presses. I press random keys in my keyboard, but with words. It’s not really meaningful not meaningless. I don’t try to be condescending, in fact, I just want to be enigmatic. Enigmatic, but not dumb, enigmatic, but sophisticated.

I not good in writing nor in pretending, but I do know how to write and keep words in order. Right now, I want to write about animals. Animals that doesn’t exist nor extinct. Animals that didn’t evolve yet. However, when to mere human beings collide like a super nova, we don’t have a clue nor basic rhythm of the lure word. When everything seems perfect, it’s just and straight when you have what it takes to be it. And it, is nothing that eat and it.

When the world is up side down and no longer rotating, everything just makes no sense.